Class Act Cleaning accepts inquiries for monthly, bi-monthly, weekly and one-time cleans for both residential and commercial properties. If your home, office, storefront or studio space needs a good cleaning, let us know!


choose from any of the following packages: 


-- essential clean -- this clean highlights just the basics: Kitchen & bathrooms.**         Best clean for those on a budget

-- Best Clean -- This clean knocks out the entire house: all horizontal surfaces,           baseboards, ceiling Fans, you name it.**

-- mix & match -- alternate the essential clean with the best clean every other visit   to split the difference and save.


-- Deep clean -- This clean includes the surface clean along with: top of cabinets,       closets, baseboards, ceiling fans, Windows, walls, vents. let us know what you needs are and we’ll get it squared away!

come to us with what you need and we'll take care of it. 

-- Move-in/ Move-out -- for realtors assisting a client in need & individuals looking for the best clean to save that rental deposit. *includes oven/ fridge clean

Give us a ring


Add-on services:

  • Oven (interior)

  • Refrigerator (interior)

  • Windows

  • Front porch/ Back porch (no yard work)

  • Bedding

  • Carpet cleaning

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Keep us in mind for your...



Business hours

Residential// 9am – 5pm // Monday – Friday • Commercial Cleans scheduled based on need


We accept payment via Paypal and Venmo. Cash and check are also acceptable.


Tipping is an option, but not mandatory or expected, and totally up to the client’s discretion. It is, of course, always appreciated!


We are a word of mouth business and greatly appreciate you telling your friends about us! We are happy to offer 15% off your next clean once your friend has cleaned.


We do require 24 hours notice on all cancelations. This allows us time to reschedule the appointment slot and offer proper notice to our employees concerning logistical changes.  If the appointment is canceled within the 24 hour window, a $25 charge will be incurred.


We strive to hire the hardest working, most personable and trustworthy cleaners. Each cleaner is properly trained and has undergone a proper background check. 

Security and Entry

We ask that clients provide a key for entry whenever possible. The key will be securely held by our crew chief. Keys may also be left on the property in a disclosed location. 

Lock-out fee

($50) will be incurred if our cleaners are unable to enter the household, if a pet is not properly kenneled, or if power/ water is out (without notice of issue).


Please do leave your pets either outdoors or kenneled inside the house. Class Act Cleaning is not responsible for loose pets getting out of the house, and we do not clean up excretions of any kind. Litter boxes, etc, are the responsibility of the client.


They can happen. We ask that if any incident occurs, that the client report it immediately so that Class Act Cleaning may resolve the incident in a timely and effective manner.


Due to the nature of our business, Class Act Cleaning cannot offer refunds. However, if you are unsatisfied with your clean, do get in touch within 24 hours and we will return to remedy the issue within 48 hours.